Welcome to the wiringbits website, here you can find details about us and our blog.

We are a fully remote company (everyone works from home) based in Mexico, our expertise is building web applications and blockchain based apps.

Also, we help companies and individuals with mentorship:

  • Stop worrying when hiring freelancers or agencies, we’ll help you to find potential problems soon, instead of waiting until it’s too late. We’ll make sure that they can deliver what they promosed.
  • Stop using complex solutions for solved problems, we’ll mentor your team, so that they get a simple architecture for complex problems.
  • Stop worrying on hiring a non-capable engineer, let us evaluate if their technical skills fit your needs.

And, we can even help your company to start working remotely!

Be sure to check more about us, or send us an email to hello@wiringbits.net

Or just go below and read our blog, we hope you enjoy it.


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